“With innumerable positive changes, federation members, they generated leadership qualities in them, which always help them in serving the interest of villagers. Asst. Labour Officer” -Lalita Devi, Dhurki Block

Formation of Federation is an important indicator of empowerment of women. This shows the willingness of women to intervene in the social, educational and political issues at regional level and to put forward their views. The concept of federation provides a vision to Mahila Samakhya on its roll back strategy. The Federation will sustain the activities of women empowerment and awareness in the rollback area. Like Mahila Samakhya, federation has to provide inputs to Sanghas on health, gender equality, education, legal issues, agricultural related needs, water, migration, parƟcipation in decision making process and local administration. It also creates plaƞorm and encourage women to find possibiliƟes for income generation at the Sangha level. The vital objective is to keep the Sangha sustainable and bonded with one another. Federation acts as a bridge between Sangha in the region and unites women in new areas to propagate Mahila Samakhya philosophy. It intervenes in policy and decision making process and also establishes itself as a powerful pressure group on women issues.

Women Sangha of a certain block reaches at a level of development and it is felt thatfederation 2.png they can take their decisions on their own and can solve problems smoothly, Mahila Samakhya starts withdrawing from that block in a phased manner. The first step towards this is the formation of committees from cluster level to block level with the selected Women Sangha and the formaƟon of executive committee for the registration of federation under society registration act 1860. Atier registration federations become autonomous bodies having their own self structure, rules & regulation and recognize themselves as strong groups and slowly Mahila Samakhya hand over the entire responsibility of the block to the Federation. Mahila Samakhya still provides every required technical support to the federation as per their need and demand.